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    dear sister,
    I will never forgive you. I know you love me, and I know you had your reasons for leaving, even if I didnt find out for years.
    You left me in that house, with those people. and all they did was yell.
    you could not even wait to say goodbye to me. no, you just left.
    and you didn’t call, you never called. you never stopped by. you just left.
    and you wonder why i’m so sad?
    because I was there, all by myself, all the time. with no one.
    and then on easter, you fit me into your plans, why? because she called you and told you I was alone.
    why did it matter to you? it was just a normal day for me.
    and still. one of the best days of my life.
    so thank you, for the great day, then dropping me off back there.
    so nice of you.

    And YOU, “brother”
    with the criminal record and court dates-
    what’s your excuse?
    that you came back for me?
    doesn’t turn out so well, when you just leave in hand cuffs again.
    always a sight to see.
    the person who you love most in the entire world.
    leave you. like that.
    again, and again, and again.
    I guess the only thing worse then what she did, is what you do.
    always telling me thinks will be different, and still. everything’s the same.
    i dont want to hear your lies anymore.
    either of you.
    i don’t want to hear “its always been us, thats why we have to stick together” and “you really are my best friend”
    no. i’m not. I was someone, who handled it, when you couldn’t. who was there when you needed someone.
    i am not a prize to show what you have accomplished.
    you have no idea what I went through.
    the only thing you accomplished, was turning out just like the rest of them.
    and i want you both to know that there is a piece of my heart that you guys took with you. and i hope to god every night that i can find a way to with it.
    your not so little sister anymore

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    1. Ann
      September 7, 2011 at 5:31 pm

      Wow. Now that’s a letter that speaks to me. Almost like I could have written it myself.

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