• Kiss Me Once More

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    Six months since I last talked to you. Seven since I leapt into your arms and you kissed me before you had to go. I knew it might not be the next week or two until I got to see your beautiful face again. Never did I imagine that I wouldn’t see it for months that could turn into years. Never would I have imagined those years could turn into ever again.

    You made a promise to me. I made a promise to you. We promised each other that we would stay together forever. I know and I knew at the time how naive that was to say. But I wanted to believe it so badly. You’re smart and wise beyond your years, just like me. You had to have known that our promise was naive and maybe foolish, but you believed in it. I believe that you wanted to believe it as badly as I did. I’m scared to tell anyone about our promise now and I don’t know if I ever will. Unless, of course, that promise becomes a reality. Hardly anyone knows our story. I know it, but I’m not sure I quite understand it. Or maybe it’s so simple that I won’t allow myself to ever fully understand it.

    You wrote songs about me. You never had the opportunity to sing and play them for me. I never had the opportunity to hear your gentle voice sing to me. You did something for me, though. You gave me something that you may never know you gave me. I had always loved music and enjoyed singing, but I never pursued it. Until you. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never discovered the passion burning inside of me. So, for that, I can never thank you enough.

    This is not a thank-you letter, though. If you’re somewhere out there reading this in this quiet, lonely world, think of me. Remember me. Don’t allow me to vanish from your memory. I don’t know if I was the first girl you ever loved, but I believe and hope that I was. Because if I was, then it is assured that you will never let your memory of me fade. I’ll never forget you.

    I’m scared and hopeful and doubtful and optimistic that our paths will cross again. I think that when our paths first crossed, the timing was off. I always keep in mind, though, that what is meant to be will always find its way. So, we must assume that if it’s not meant to be, then it won’t find its way. In other words, it won’t work out.

    I want to meet you again. I want to show you how I’ve grown, just in these few months. I am a complete and wonderful person without you, but I have full faith that we could complement each other beautifully.

    I haven’t gone one day since the day we met not thinking about you. It may be useless. This may all be wishful thinking that will, once again, only leave me more hurt than I was in the first place. Just don’t forget me and what we shared in that short, short chapter of our lives. You’ll always hold a piece of my heart. You will never know how much I hope the same goes for you.

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