• Even my teacher noticed

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    Hi you. Well, i don’t quite know you as well as i want to, but that doesn’t matter. It’s so funny when i think of it and how it all started.

    I had seen you before but i never really noticed you. Then one day i realized u were reaaally cute. So then at the Canada Games camp when i saw you play, i was like…Okay, he’s awesome, and he’s rather attractive. But i didn’t think much of it.

    Then came provincials waaaay later in the year. And well, once again, I saw you play, thought you were cute & that you were an amaaaaziiiiinngg volleyball player. Like, legit crazy. So then i would tell everyone how awesome you were and how i totally had a crush on you. Then we began to extremely joke & i would say things like “Oh i’m gonna marry him and we’ll have awesome volleyball babies”. Then came a moment when I was leaving the gym and you were coming inside, and we made eye contact, and well, that was it for me. I went back to my seat on the floor and vented to the girls of how that would be the moment where we’ll look back on it and say “that’s the beginning of our wonderful marriage” I know, sometimes i joke way too creepily, but that’s just me.

    SO then when i came home, I was sick & very overtired so I got some crazy idea to add you on Facebook. Then when you accepted, I was pretty fucking happy about it, not gonna lie. BUT then you inboxed me, and i was shitting my pants. It was just a lil do i know you, you seem familiar kind of thing, that led on to a very small conversation but that was nothing.

    Then came the day where you liked my status, and then i would post another status later on…and you would like it. Soon enough i had my friends texting me being like paige… he liked your status.. AGAIN. And i would be so giddy.

    And then the holy grail of days:
    I was at the dance and i got a text from my friend and he said the following ( still have it locked in my phone hehe)

    D*** told me you added him on facebook and saaid you were one of the most beautfiul girls he’s ever seen 🙂 aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww

    And I fliiiipppeedddd. I was like freaking out from extreme happiness. Anyway, one thing led to another, and now we text. And well, it makes me happy. Everyone knows when i’m talking to you cause i just smile all the time. Even my teacher somehow knew, i didn’t say anything out of the ordinary about you when she asked who i asked the score of the game for, but she could just see it in my eyes.

    Anyway, you’re like the cutest person ever. And yap. I wanna talk to u again. Yeah, that’s all i had to say 🙂

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