• Done and Over

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    Dear b,

    I know i hurt you. I never wanted to. I realize now that you liked me, a lot. But I can’t take it back. I don’t have feelings for you anymore. Yes, I still like you, just not romantically. I want to stay friends with you and I never want to lose you… just dating you isn’t what is the best for me.

    I realize now that I assume shirt too much. I assumed about you and it came and bit me in the ass. I’m sorry. I should have talked to you about all of this first. It might have helped what would have come next for you. Talking about all the shit in our relationship wouldn’t have changed my mind though. I lost my feelings toward you. I wish, I wish to God, that it wasn’t like this. I wish I didn’t have to hurt you and put you through this, but I need to start doing what is best for me. Starting with this. It would be wrong of me to lead you on when my feelings are gone.

    Despite everything though, you can be an ass sometimes. You accused me of lying during our relationship. Then said in basic words, that you will never talk to me again. I never lied to you. You should know that! I swore to you that I would never lie to you. I followed that. And then you go and accuse me of lying. What the fuck? I tried to do this without hurting you, but somehow it ended with you being hurt and me also.

    I look now at couples and think I miss you…then I realize something. I don’t miss you. I miss being in a relationship. I’m afraid to be alone. You shouldn’t be the person who has to deal with that. You don’t deserve that. You are a great guy and deserve someone who you can talk to, who understands when you don’t talk to them for a week on end. You deserve someone better. just not me. I’m sorry. I want to work this out and stay friends. just the dating isn’t working.

    ~It isn’t working~

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