• Monday morning

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    It started out like any normal summer monday would. Walk around town. Meet up with the crew. “Got any weed?”. “yeah”. “Let’s smoke.”

    So we start walking into town, and as always they’re all fiending for cigarettes. So we walk up to you. You’re sitting outside that sketchy bar, drinking coffee, with your feet on your skateboard. One of the boys asks for a stoge, you say the one you’re smoking is your last and we all walk away as a group. But me and T, don’t wanna go with the boys. WE want to hang out with you. we don’t know you, but we’ve seen you around, and we want to know you. At first it might have been weird or awkward, as we shyly asked if you wanted to smoke. But then we were suddenly in your car, and you were rolling a J, and me and T we’re trying to hide our geeky 15 year old smiles, as your 19 year old lips curved into a smirk. We drove for what seemed like an hour through the rain soaked hills. And the fog creeped through the sky as if it too had just lit up. I remember the way you asked “Bob marley? or the beach boys?” and popped in a cassette. And how you talked about collages and we lied about what collages we were going to because in that moment we weren’t 15 year old girls. We were adults talking about what we wanted to do our with our lives. Oh yeah, and we totally lied about our age. We talked about how you’ll get sponsored soon for skateboarding. And T mentioned the rosary on your rearview, and you said that to have faith you can still believe in evolution, and you can make your own rules. And then it as over, you dropped us off near the house, and said “see you later” even though we probably won’t. We never caught your name though you caught ours, and we never got your number, but thanks. Thanks for the half an hour the three of us had driving around shooting the shit. Because you made my day.

    girl who wants to know your name

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