• Karma’s a bitch.

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    A true statement, you know what I mean.
    You told me that sometimes you believe in it.
    And guess what?
    I do too.
    Karma kicked you right in the ass.
    It mercifully beat you.
    To put it simply,
    Karma did it for me.

    Remember when you told me that you didn’t love me?
    “I guess I just forgot what it felt like.”
    Remember how uninterested you became?
    Remember when you knew about all the tears I shed that night?
    Remember how I begged you to stay?
    And remember how you led me on, two days after?
    You didn’t love me, but, you still liked me!
    I was fine then.
    I’d get to kiss you next time I saw you and you roughly had the same feeling for me.
    That went on for two days. Even ten minutes before I knew! Even as you got her, you led me on.
    And all that leading, and false feeling, was gone after I saw it on Facebook.
    —– —– is in a relationship with whatever the fuck her name was.
    Are you serious?
    And YOU asked HER?
    Oh my God.
    You Fuck Head.
    What the hell were you thinking?
    Yeah, you felt bad, tried to help. But I couldn’t help but be sour. Who wouldn’t be?

    I loved you, cared about you; you left, But I still loved you, still cared about you and you go get another girl.
    You could have at least waited a few weeks. But nope. You needed her NOW.

    And YOU got mad at ME. WTF?
    Now a girl in love is weak. She needs the one she loves, no matter what. So of course I begged you to forgive me. And you still kind of flirted with me. I got over it in time.

    But then..you just stopped talking to me. Not exactly but you’d barley talk to me. No emotion or anything. It had to be her, right?

    So, as you told me once, Patience is Virtue. I always kept that in mind, so I kicked back in a comfy chair, popcorn in all, and watched your relationship unfold. Watched you smile at her from afar. Four months passed and didn’t just the funniest thing happen.

    —– —– is single.
    When did THAT happen?!
    Guess that sitting and waiting paid off huh?
    Well little did I know, it was even better.

    She lost interest in you!
    Just like you did with me.
    And Ho-ly shit!
    She got a boyfriend!!
    Two days later!!
    Doesn’t THAT look familiar?
    How perfect.

    You kicked my heart in the ass.
    Even came back and picked up, but then you saw her’s, threw mine right in the ground.
    Smiles and all, you handed her your heart personally. She smiled like she cared but decided to smash your heart all over the floor.
    You collapsed, And grasped your chest.
    So much pain!
    And I sat back behind you,
    Feeling bad,
    But also triumphant, tossing my heart up in down in my hand like a ball, waiting for you to see me there, or someone else to.

    Karma’s a bitch, my Love. You’re gonna hurt me like that, Karma gets pissed and see’s me writing in pain. It decides to take action. But not soon; It wanted you to know that pain of losing the best relationship you’ve ever had.
    Of course I knew it’d happen, but GOD DAMN, Karma was PRE-CICE!

    Now I still love you
    But maybe I didn’t help you right away just because I wanted you to know what it felt like to be hurt by someone like you’ve hurt someone else before.

    Karma’s a bitch; Never forget that.

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