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    Just when I thought life couldn’t get more confusing, it did. my marriage is a sham. i went through with it because I bent to pressure to “grow up and settle down” but i really don’t feel anything beyond friendship for my husband. that’s not to say my marriage is all bad. my husband has

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    What i have realized…

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    So, i was thinking last night. To all the guys who treated their first loves like shit; don’t think you will ever find another girl who loved you like they did. after all you put them thru, after they stuck with you and thought you would change.. they didn’t leave you, because at the time

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    This is your fault….

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    Dear You, I could never say any of this to you because we are friends, because we share the same friends and because I know what your reaction will be. At first I didn’t like you. I defiantly didn’t fancy you. But you made all that change not me. Why did you have to be

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    Dear Computer Guy,

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    I am so attracted to you, it isn’t even funny. I watch and gaze at you with every moment I get. You mezmerize me something terrible, and I don’t know why. You’re with a woman you don’t give a damn about, and I’m with a guy whom I like, but his control over me is

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