• The words that hurt

    by  • June 11, 2011 • Abuse • 0 Comments

    Could you please stop calling me names? Could you please stop making me feel like shit in front of your family members? Oh i know, you don’t do it often, but once is enough in my book.

    I am not to be called a crazy fucking idiot, a house servant, thick headed, retard, cunt etc etc etc

    Sorry if this is TOO blunt for you, but i do not know any other way than this.

    I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR YOUR CHOICE IN WORDS. Oh sure, i confront you, your excuse? It is the only way to get my attention when we are squabbling in. Sometimes we aren’t hardly even “fighting” and you still say hurtful things.

    Sometimes when i confront you with it, YOU DON’T EVEN REMEMBER! Then have the nerve to tell me I AM MAKING IT UP or that i stretch the truth.

    At one point, i honestly thought i was loosing my mind. Was i really forgetting these things? Or making it up??

    Do you know that i lay in bed and think over and over and over, what i might of said wrong, to make you blow up at me? How i need to change. I pray to GOD, please change me, so i don’t say things to make his call me names.

    Oh, it’s not often, BUT IT’S ENOUGH!

    I am mentally tired of it. I feel strange around your mother. Odd in front of your brother. I feel they feel the same way as you. I am starting to see it in your mother. Which puts me on edge. Hey, i just want to be MYSELF.

    I dislike you a whole bunch. I really am trying not to feel that way towards you. But, i am having a difficult time with it.

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