• Asshole.

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    You know what? I decide every day that I’m not going to swear at you. That I’m not going to degrade my language and stoop to your level and properly cuss you out like you deserve.

    And you know what?

    Fuck you, asshole.

    You sit there and call me names and try to get at me. For fuck’s sake, Doctor Who? What did Matt Smith ever do to you? What the fuck? I thought you knew how to hurt a person, I thought surely you knew how to be cold, not just fucking annoying. It’s only in front of me, I know. I’ve spoken to our mutual friends. And it’s so immature. Really? A British television show? That’s your vast plan to hurt me back for dumping you, oh, three months and two girlfriends ago?

    You’d have thought you’d’ve gotten over it by now, honestly.

    You were never very bright, either, but I thought surely you’d have figured out that it freaks out everyone else when you try and insult me. When you’re being nasty and I’m just sitting there. They’re my friends, you know. My friends first. They’re on my side. Because you’re the fucking asshole, not me.

    Oh, you. Why did I ever date you to begin with? Probably because you were easy. Sorry, but it’s true–good-looking and easy, that’s you. Didn’t realise you’d be dating another girl in two weeks though, /damn/ you moved fast. Too easy. So much for being special, I s’pose, you know? Ooh, maybe that was the plan! Try to move on super-fast to get at me, make me feel not-so-special anymore?

    Ah-hahahaha. You never did find out about my friend in Chicago, did you? I didn’t cheat on you. But I could have. See, I figured out a while ago not to think of you as a proper boyfriend. I’ve got my Chicago friend and even my friends here to remember that you’re hardly the master of judgement when it comes to who’s worth caring for. Who’s worth caring about. Who’s worth treating the right way.

    And before I forget, it’s also just the tiniest bit pathetic how you would get uncomfortable with me saying David Tennant is hot. God damn, boy, he’s got decades on you, besides the fact that he’s a famous actor–one might have thought you were considering that sexy Scottish man competition!

    I never cried about you, you know. Makes it easier to laugh at you now, I s’pose…


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    1. Anon
      June 3, 2011 at 3:49 pm

      David Tennant IS hot. Mmmmm.



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