• You’re so sweet I have a toothache

    by  • June 2, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    Is it too much that I have you but still worry about everything that could go wrong?

    That I worry about how college is right around the corner for you, but I’ll still be stuck here, without you, missing you, for another year?

    That I worry about all those other pretty girls out there that could sweep you off your feet, just like you did to me?

    You swept me so far I can’t see the ground anymore. I don’t know where it is anymore, but I’ve cuddled up next to you and let you hold me close never letting go.

    Is it bad that I worry about if you’ll let me fall?

    I can’t help but feel sad sometimes, when those thoughts cross me.

    I can’t help but feel sad when I feel the end is near when we fight, when I feel so angry, when you yell at me.

    But when you apologize and say you didn’t mean it you were just mad, is it bad that I lose my ground and forgive you? Are you walking all over me? I won’t forgive you for walking all over me. Don’t do that to me.

    But when you’re so sweet and nice, I feel like I fall for you all over again. Like I never want to be apart ever again.

    I just feel so lost, that I can be so wrapped up in your love, but so angry at the same time, like I’m locked up in your games.

    So what do I do?

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