• You can’t NOT believe me.

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    Dear asshole,

    I can’t believe I even liked you, much less loved you.

    You sit there and tell me that you want to support me, even though we broke up. You say you want me to be happy, to get better. You say you want me to feel like I can talk to you.

    I come out to you, and what do you tell me?

    That I’m not “actually” gay.
    That I don’t “act” gay enough.
    That I’m really straight, I’m just in denial (even though I’ve self-identified as bi for years).
    That I can’t know I’m a lesbian because I’ve never had sex with a guy.
    That I can’t be a lesbian because I’ve never dated a girl.
    That because I don’t have a good gay-dar that OBVIOUSLY I can’t be gay.
    That when I figure out that I’m wrong, that you can’t wait to be the one to tell me that you told me so.

    That is what you told me.

    Fuck. You.

    Do you want to know what I think the real reason you so fervently deny that I’m a lesbian?

    Because it means that I’ll never come back to you.

    And guess what?

    Even if I wasn’t a lesbian, I would never be with someone who treated me like you do. Someone who claimed to be so supportive, but when I needed their support basically told me they didn’t believe me.

    So, one more time.

    Fuck you.

    I don’t care what you think.

    ps: I’m glad you broke up with me, because now I can be who I really am.

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