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    You meet that person that you think is amazing. You spend so much time with them to get to know them. Never knowing that they hate the person they see looking in the mirror. They darker side they never want to reveal to the person they see as so perfect, so beautiful. The other person has there own secrets. You reveal them and the other accepts the twisted-wrongness in them. That makes it so easy to trust or can just push you away from them. You can love parts of someone but never them completely, until you know every secret, every part. Nothing more, nothing less. You have to give yourself completely to love completely.

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      June 3, 2011 at 10:33 am

      Whether one does or just WANTS to give completely doesn’t really matter. The past doesn’t matter, the present and future does. Intend matters and not the actual secrets behind them. Everybody has skeletons and with that awareness, with eyes open, no truth can be worth then assumptions. Going passed those, not caring and loving the present, having faith in the future is…what love is all about. Is how I feel love but everybody is different and you may have found your way while I have mine 🙂

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