• What I discovered… aka No Regrets about losing you.

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    Poem inspired by the smooth talking asshole that fucked my fiance –
    (and the bitch he acquired by doing so…)

    Though the waterfall once beautiful,
    a raging torrent
    confusion it’s path
    sought not truth or happiness
    just the withering of once strong rock
    sandstone decays
    known facts rivers courses stray
    exposed beds
    soulless desert corpse
    dishonesty prevails
    the rivers direction changed
    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
    irreverent discourse
    waterfall chaser,
    elaborate poet,
    your blatant disrespect
    a sickening sight
    of callous nature
    impure vessel
    putrid with disrespect
    for me
    and her
    and yourself
    think yourself a saint,
    a living curtain of delusion
    for cheap cutaneous contact
    the other in ignorance waits
    a vision of the perfections promised
    as band slid on deceitfully, years ago
    think yourself clever
    leave no evidence behind
    one careless slip –
    is less enough
    to open a cautionary eye
    to lies and throws hidden
    or hidden no longer..
    chaser of waterfalls
    get in your barrel
    leaky frame in torrent
    waterfalls break you,
    as they have before
    go over your precious waterfall
    remember how
    a trail of paper,
    always floats,
    after the trip over the edge…
    in the end,
    we are weak,
    we are woeful,
    we are exposed
    true forms sickening.
    rippled reflection
    illusion no longer
    ride has come to an end.
    yellowing curled poetry,
    whirlpool spiral
    another barrel falls
    another poet,
    another liar,
    another dreamer,
    a tossed paper,
    among many
    and more still,
    ticket please
    mines punched
    freedom found in time
    a finger free of cuff,
    free of tradition,
    free of contract and law.
    no mistake is greater
    than assumption of ignorance
    in your weakness
    about you
    your papers float,
    with signatures,
    One river meets many
    this you should know,
    think yourself free of my wrath,
    think yourself free of my vengeance,
    not until the platter has cooled..
    think yourself free of your guilt
    the pain to be felt
    only worsens
    in the revelation
    and unmasking
    of guilty parties
    wafting in your waterfalls afterglow.
    your assumptions make you weak
    but you’ve tracked mud into your house

    I owe this great poet my gratitude,
    as the favor granted to me,
    greatly outweighs the burden of truth,
    before his betrothed..

    and the acceptance of what frivolous truth,
    for which tossed aside I became..


    just know, great poet-
    i’ve seen what happens,
    when your acoustic words
    are exposed as meaningless
    and your indulgences
    are brought into light..

    your paper floats
    how far is the truth,
    all waters form all rivers
    all land is a beach..
    your pages be found
    and your waterfall will dry.
    your ignorance is my bliss,
    as you have not been exposed
    (but unto me)
    both your truths revealed.

    so know more
    sweet poet..
    who’s kind words,
    and friendly arms,
    the waterfall envelopes,

    will soon be crushed,
    and strewn,
    for all to witness.

    I have taken my heart from my sleeve
    I can only thank
    this great poet,
    for pushing me unto the shore
    as his sandstone and quartz
    broken down,
    in the caverns of deceit
    all who suffer the falls,
    are destroyed by water-
    all that is soil and stone
    destroyed by water
    the fire of a heart
    destroyed by water

    i watched my lessons played before me poet,
    from the banks of rivers,
    watching poets fall…
    seeing the hearted sleeves of acoustic romancers torn.
    victim of a waterfall..

    there’s no need to fight
    for something not worth fighting for..
    you will lose what was never

    Thank You dear poet
    Thank you indeed..

    For saving me the burden of a life long mistake..
    You did me a solid
    Sweet Poet
    Someday the favor shall be returned…

    PS. How’s your marriage going? (you know, the one you most likely fucked up after sticking your cock in my fiance)

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