• Too Late

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    You don’t have to say anything,
    And I know you hate remembering, but I want to go back-
    Back to when I told you I couldn’t be with you and you didn’t understand.
    And to be honest, back then I didn’t really understand either.
    I just knew that I couldn’t be with anyone because I didn’t want to go through what I went through the first time.
    I wanted you, I honestly did
    But for some reason I was scared, and I just couldn’t do it.
    It hurt me because it hurt you.
    I knew you deserved everything and you deserved someone who could give you everything…
    And at the time, that person wasn’t me.
    Then I ran away,
    For a whole year,
    And you waited.
    I grew up,
    And I realized,
    After everyone else fell away,
    You stayed right where you belonged-
    With me.
    Now when I look back I realize that I wanted to give you the chance to find someone who could make you feel as perfect as you used to make me feel.
    Being away made me realize that now I am ready to give you everything…
    But of course, I never expected you to wait.
    And you didn’t.
    I can’t be mad, because I am the one who turned you away in the first place.
    So, I’m happy for you that you found her, and I hope she can give you everything.
    I just felt like i owed this to you.
    After all this time, I felt you ought to now.
    I thought you deserved to know what I could never tell you before.
    And even though I am not that person who makes you smile every morning anymore,
    And even though we’ll probably never be the same way again,
    And even though I’ll always love you,
    I want you to know that you did mean a lot to me…
    You still do mean a lot to me.
    I wanted this for you,
    And even though i’ve changed my mind and I’ve realized that I’m not scared anymore,
    I realize I am no longer your person,
    So I just wanted to say sorry.
    Sorry I was such a fucking bitch.
    Sorry I never saw what was right in front of me.
    Sorry I gave you up for so much shit that doesn’t even matter anymore.
    Through everything that happened before I left, you are the only thing I still care about.
    Lastly, I’m sorry I let you go.
    I’m sorry I pushed you away.
    And I’m mostly sorry that I couldn’t explain myself until now-
    Now that it’s too late.
    I’m sorry, even though I know that sorry isn’t enough anymore.
    But I have to say I’m happy for you.
    I hope you’re happy too.
    I hope you got everything you wanted,
    I hope you found the right person for you, you deserve it.

    I’m just sorry it couldn’t be me.

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