• you should’ve never kissed me..

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    it’s been over a month now since the first time you kissed me. It all seemed so perfect that cold March night. I had no idea it was coming. You followed me outside, we just sat there talking, not thinking anything would happen. I wasn’t expecting anything. I layed down looking at the stars while still engaged in our conversations. You came and laid next to me, put your arm around me and tricked me into falling for you at that very moment. Your cheek brushed mine so softly, it took what seemed like forever for you to finally kiss me, but then it happened and I instantly got butterflies. I replay your face brushing against mine right before you kissed me over and over again. I enjoyed every second of your sweet soft kiss… But where are we now? Barley speaking, awkwardly walking past each other in the halls. It seems like your name comes up all the time now and it kills me. I know nothing about you, nothing at all. Yet I still cannot think of anyone else besides you. I can’t stomach the thought of you even thinking of another girl. What were your intentions that night? Why did you kiss me? Sometimes I really wish you hadn’t; because than I wouldn’t be left here with the pain in my chest everytime you’re name comes to my mind. You have the worst timing. It’s my senior year, my heart shouldn’t be stuck in high school with you. It’s not fair, how could you do this to me? How could I have fallen for you so hard? I like to think that after graduations i’ll be okay, I won’t think you anymore and once I start college three states away next year everything will be different. We’ll both be happy and you’ll just be another boy I crushed on in highschool. I don’t love you, I can’t love you, I barely know you; but everything just seemed to right. You make me feel so right Dan.

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