• where are you?

    by  • May 12, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    i thought you were not here, but i see you right in front of my face.

    it blows my mind, but never mind, it doesn’t happen.

    uh it seems so silent at this moment. wait, i mean you become silent suddenly.

    i have to tap on your head and ask if you’re here, but you aren’t.

    your body’s still right there, but you aren’t here. why you aren’t here?

    should i stop asking and start talking? okay, i want to know if you are able to fly with me. it’s your turn to talk. i guess not. what else should i do? this may sound weird, but i miss you. well, you don’t express a bit. i don’t see a smile on your face. neither does frown. wait, are you emotionless? what did you do out there? did you do something behind my back? did you actually dig through the dirt? why didn’t you ask me? i didn’t know. i always went out there flying. can i try digging as well? why don’t you answer my question? is it hard to ask me? perhaps so? is there something wrong with me? wait, is it because i have wings? it doesn’t mean i am different from you. i know you have mole’s claws, but we’re animals. what’s the difference? we can hang out and learn from each other. are you cool about this? well, i don’t know. yes, i have a beak as i’d chrip as many times as i blink, i know. i can’t see your eyes because they are too small, so i can’t know how many times you blink as i don’t know what you are trying to say. say things out loud, please? i am not going to wait. i am here, standing and watching you to hope you’re going to say a word, but it’s probably not going to happen.

    there’s already a hole that you can go back in all you want. there’s no hole up in the sky, but i can fly to wherever i want to go. it isn’t easy as you thought because i’d end up being into clouds. i’d end up hit being by airplane. i’d end up being hit by window. i’d end up being shot. who knows?

    well, there’s no better.

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