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    k i have to say this, i have been dating this guy for like 10 months, and well our one year together will be in 2 months and i have never been with anyone this long ever! and he makes me feel amazing when i am with him i love him with all my heart but lately i have found myself thinking about my ex and wondering what he is up to in his life and how he is doing with his life. i have texted him before and talked to him but he is now in my dreams and i cant help it i see him everyday becuase me and him go to the same school. even tho i havent hungout with him for liek months, i still find my mind wondering off at the random times and i think about him and how he is doing and if he is thinking about me like i am with him, but i dont think he is. i dont think he cares about me like i still do with him, i have literaly have liked this guy for more then a year, i dated him like a year ago but i still think he is the cutest thing ever! i really dont know what to do…

    i dont want to tell the boyfriend i have now that i have been thinking about my ex.. cause he has seen my ex before to..
    EX: we were really cute together, we both were short, we both loved to make eachother laugh, we both loved to see eachother and kiss eachother, we were like little love puppies even tho that does sound gay, that what im gonna say we were little love puppies, we would just look into eachothers eyes and laugh and kiss he made me really happy, he thought like no one else ever did he was amazing, i loved him. i truly did it took me months to get over him, but he wanted my number recently and i gave it to him and now like he will text me sometimes, and i will to him sometimes. but when im with my boyfriend i have now im scared my EX will text me D:

    THE BOYFRIEND: we met eachother in school i was ending grade 9 you were ending grade 12, it was like a little crush and i didnt know what to do, so i found out your named and added you on facebook and then we talked and it all started from there. you asked for my msn and then my cell and then we were talking all the time i was scared to fall for you becuase i was scared since your older there could be a chance were i could get hurt. but to be honest your loooking for the same thing i am. to be loved and to love eachother and not fuck things up and cheat.

    thats the diffrence EX- wants to not settle down

    and boyfriend wants to settle down.

    i need someone to talk to becuase i literaly have no one, i cant tell my boyfriend. or my mother. or any of my friends none of them would udnerstand it.

    someone please please make a reply letter to this, i need someone to talk to.


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