• You should have just done it

    by  • May 3, 2011 • Karma, One Night Stand • 0 Comments

    Dear Asshole,

    You know, I really had faith in you. I was stupid to be quick to give you that faith. I believed that you were a good guy. I came to college coming out of a year and a half relationship and I thought you were going to be that guy that I would meet during my freshman year and date all throughout college. You and I got along great from the beginning of orientation. My family liked you and your family liked me. But as soon as we were left on our own, you did what I would never imagine. The first night out at school and we got drunk on our own…okay, completely wasted. But regardless, you called me to hang out. But I really had to have those extra beers when we were together. I experienced what it was like to completely forget everything and do anything while intoxicated. Our friends encouraged us to go to your room together and we did. I hadn’t slept with anyone since my pregnancy scare with my ex-boyfriend. But you took me while I was drunk. I didn’t say no, but you pushed me down. You asked me to be your girlfriend, and I said yes. And that was the last I heard of you, that night when you took advantage of me. You marked my first week at college as a drunken mistake and I believe that’s what led me into my alcoholism: to FORGET. I just can’t believe that the second I gained independence, I found you, you fucking asshole. And you having the nerve to try to sleep with my roommate and my best friend, I just want to punch you across the face. But unfortunately that won’t be enough. You took advantage of me. And the worst part, I can’t do ANYTHING about it. I can’t press rape charges on you because I didn’t say no, but the effect that you left, kind of makes me wish that you DID rape me so I CAN press charges.

    I hope that Karma bites you in the ass. You’re a fuck. Go to hell.

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