• I am not a pawn. Our game is over.

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    I don’t even like calling you that anymore. It seems so very inappropriate. You’ve never been a father to me. You have no idea how many times I really needed you. Well, I don’t need you anymore.

    How could you do this to our family? To Chris? He is only thirteen. How could someone OD on purpose with their thirteen year old IN THE HOUSE? He watched as the ambulance carried you away. He heard the EMS talking. He heard the cops ask where the drugs were. How could you text message me your suicide note? What kind of sick person texts a suicide note to their own daughter?

    But you lived. You never meant to die. You just wanted to manipulate us. And then, after all the years and years of pain that we have experienced because of you, you have have the never to say that you are disappointed in me? You are mad that I won’t listen to your side of the story. Bullshit. You forfeit your side of the story when you decided to OD. You used a suicide attempt to control my mom, and now you’re trying to guilt me?

    No. We’re done. I have nothing left for you. I am going to go and live my life. You have manipulated me for the last time. I am not a pawn. Our game is over.


    Your daughter.

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