• To a former best friend

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    I know you dropped out of school. I know weed and vodka are the only things you talk about anymore. I know you’re in love with T and he wants nothing from you but sex. And I know you stopped taking your pills. I also know that I have never been more glad to not be in someone’s life, because you would only bring me down right now. You need to talk to someone about what the real problem you’re covering up is. Because you don’t have me and A.C. doesn’t know what to say and C doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself. And when you talk, let people give advice. You’re such a bitch. So for once, don’t be. And just let someone in and cry and talk and let someone care and don’t push them away like you pushed me away. Because you did, and I’m never coming back, M, I really am not. But I am worried that you’re going to spiral even more out of control, and you’re only 20. You dropped out of school? Goddamn, M. You’re a mess. Get help.


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