• Dear Myself

    by  • April 26, 2011 • Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You, Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    Hey, I miss you,

    I was wondering if you was gonna come over to hang out you know… how you use to. Before you lost yourself in your little world of drugs. i miss the way you words may perfect sense and never stuttered, never hesitated, but always knew excatly wat to say. I miss how you couldnt look in peoples eyes but when you did it was with soo much confidence. How your eyes roll and cant stare straight. You lost yourself! Or maybe im the wrong one i dont understand why you like feeling good through the use of drugs! you loved being you! you loved me. Your trying to find yourself i guess right!? You created a world inside your head from the start soo i knew that but i didnt think you would create a home. I need you to step out abit more plz it would help!? i seen you trying, i love it when you try! it shows that you dont want to fall completely too deep i have hope for you and i will always keep you close and dear!! I wont give up on you even if ever one else does!!! i wont i have tried my hardest to not let you down. i have always been there for you even when you were at your lowest i held you through time and time again. and i will never STOP!!! i fucking love you MDS you kno that!!! it will always be me and you!!! cuz like a say i will continue to not let you down!!

    LOve you tho plz stay strong!

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