• I wish you could forgive me

    by  • April 22, 2011 • Anger, Eff Off - You - or Up, Forgiveness • 0 Comments

    Dear Wyoming,

    You are the only person who came to my mind for this category. I know that I fucked up. I get that and I’ve apologized for that many times. But you’re really going to let the last thing I said to you be “I think you’ve been really selfish?” I get that we wouldn’t have been able to continue anything but a friendship with you so far away but what about the friendship? That night really did mean something to me but now it’s like it never even happened. The one person who might have been able to understand what I was feeling refused to talk to me and you can’t see why that’s selfish? I’ve finally accepted that it wasn’t all my fault. Yes I lied, but not to you. And yes I got us into that situation but I never meant for that to happen. Honestly I hate that I’m even writing this because I know that you won’t even care and for that, it’s a waste of my time. But that’s exactly how you made me feel, like I was just a waste of your time because you didn’t even try. You proved to just like all the other guys, when times get a little difficult, you walk. So fuck you for that, for making me feel worthless and used and like everything is my fault. For a while I didn’t think I even deserved an apology but I realize that I do, and knowing you I realize that I will never get one and I will just be proved right again. You were the only one hurt in all of this anyways right?

    ~Colorado girl

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