• I miss you already

    by  • April 22, 2011 • Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You • 0 Comments


    The past 5 months since I met you I knew this time was coming, only 1 more month until you’re graduating college and moving on with life, as I stay here and wish I didn’t fuck around for a couple years of college…We knew what we were getting each of our selves into, and we both vowed to just hang out and keep each other company. In the end you helped me get over my ex girlfriend of 3 years in the matter of spending one night with you.. We have had a ball ever since I’ve met you, hanging out non stop, never stop texting, kissing, etc. An argument has never came across us, even though I feel this is because we were never dating, but we are always laughing and enjoying ourselves non stop. With 1 month left before you’re graduating I can’t help but get upset that I’ll be losing somebody in my life whom I’m used to seeing everyday, sharing laughs and smiles with everyday. Even though we both knew this day would come, and we both didn’t expect anything to come from us I know you fell for me just as I fell for you. I’m not asking you to stay, to date me, to give me a chance, I just wanted to let you know that there won’t be a day that goes by where I don’t think about you, where I don’t sit and wonder what could have been. You are gorgeous inside and out and I’ve never met somebody that’s as “real” as you are. All I ask is please don’t forget about me, and the feelings that you know are there but don’t necessarily want to have for me. Maybe one day fate will bring us back together, one could wish… I miss you already and you’ll always be on my mind.

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