• Oh, my dear, please don’t leave me…

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    This is the third letter that I’ve written to you on this site. The first was posted on February 25th, and the second was on March 15th. You had told me that you liked someone else, remember? And you kept distancing yourself from me. Well, things have changed now.

    You say that I’m always the one distancing myself from you. I don’t feel that I am. It really doesn’t help when you like this guy, and then you text me saying that you’ve always wanted to kiss me, which makes me think that you want me back. You then say that it would have to be a no-strings-attached thing.

    Then, you decide you still like Trevor, the guy mentioned above. But you like Cory now too. Trevor begins treating you and Cory like shit, Cory doesn’t do anything about it. Way to go. I basically got you and Cory together because I wanted you to be happy. I told you that I regretted it because of my jealousy, and you said you didn’t regret it a bit.

    I hate this because Trevor and Cory are both my close friends. Cory knew that I liked you though. He wrote a note saying that he knew and that he was sorry that he was going to take you. He took you to dinner that night, a few days ago, and you are currently in a relationship with him. I seriously thought about overdosing on medicine when I heard about that.

    Too bad that I had already gotten food poisoning. I stayed home the next whole day. Four of my friends texted me about it and what I thought of it. I told them my whole opinion. I can’t say what I think to you though, you’d be mad at me. You called me that day after you got out of school because you needed to vent about something.

    After I listened to you vent, you explicitly told me you needed space and that you didn’t want to talk to me for the time being? What the hell? Who does that? Okay, fine, whatever. I didn’t talk to you until 9:45 that night when I was tired and going to bed early and you call me up in tears about Trevor treating you like shit and calling you a drama queen and whatnot.

    Two of my close friends don’t like you because they say you only come to me when you need something. You and Trevor have a history and I’m the only person that knows. Not even your boyfriend knows. I was the only person you called that horrible night with Trevor. He said some bullshit that wasn’t true.

    I asked why I was the only person you called. You told me that you had nobody else to talk to. I’m happy that I’m important enough that you can talk to me about so much, but really… This is fucking outrageous. I still love you, I can’t not love you. You’ve just stabbed me in the heart so many times. I don’t know how much more I can take it.

    Cory and I were hanging out today, but at 6:00 you picked him up from here to go to dinner with your family. So now I’m all alone, at 8:12 pm, writing what I think about these shenanigans. Why do you always do this shit to me?

    I still love you. I can’t stop and I’m not going to leave you, not for the time being at least.

    Je t’aime,

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