• What You Mean to Me

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    I wasn’t expecting this, I wasn’t expecting any of it. You walked into my life and I let you, and I’m still feeling the after shocks.

    I wasn’t even looking for anyone and neither were you. But thank God I found you because now I can’t imagine going back.

    It started with a few words, then conversation. You took me on a date. We started off as friends, just two freshman with the world at our feet. Then we were better friends, then you told me you liked me, and I told you I liked you back. There’s nothing like those kind of butterflies.

    Then you kissed me.

    From there, everything changed. I fell faster and faster and you were right by my side.
    Not without obstacles though, we both had our insecurities. I’d never been in love, I always got scared. It was never right. You had been, but that bitch broke your heart and left without a word. You told me how she hurt you and I’d never been so angry.

    You told me one night before we fell asleep that you were falling in love with me. I swear I will always remember that exact moment.

    But you were scared. You didn’t want me to leave like she did, you were scared of getting your heart broken again. I looked you in the eyes and promised you that I could never do that to you, and we both know I meant it.

    I met your parents and friends, you took me to your hometown and held my hand everywhere, like you were proud to be with me. I fell in love with you when we were laying on your couch, not saying anything, not doing anything, and you asked me “how did I get so lucky?”

    But I was thinking the same thing too. What if the little things that led up to us meeting never happened? Where would I be? I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

    Then you told me you loved me, and I said it back. It scared me to death that I was making myself so vulnerable for the first time, and I knew you were scared of having it backfire on you like it did the last time. But I know that’s how we really felt. Everyone says that you know you’re in love when all the songs make sense. I’m in love.

    You tell me I’m beautiful, you love me for who I am. But I still feel like I’m not enough sometimes even though you tell me all the time that I am. I’m sorry for my insecurities, I will get over them in time. Please don’t break my heart.

    We talked about the future, about being long distance for a while. And honestly, it scared the hell out of me to be away from you for that long. Sometimes all I want is for you to be next to me, so we can fall asleep together. Nothing more.

    Somehow I know it will be ok though. We will make it, we will be stronger. The little doubts I had are slowly going away. I love you more and more every day. I’m not letting you go.

    You promised too, to not let me go. You need me, and I need you just as much. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    I love you.

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