• Dear Nate…

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    So it has been a little more than a year since we broke each other’s hearts. We both are to blame for the failing of our relationship…and it sucks. I said a lot of stuff that I didn’t mean…and I hope it’s the same for you.

    It really upsets me that after we broke up, you completely ignored me. Then 2 months later, you’re ready for another relationship? What the fuck you asshole? I was there for you, I was the girl who had to deal with all of your problems. When you were being self destructive, I was the one who had to keep your secrets in my heart. I was the one that fixed you, so now she gets to have it easy? Be with the Nate I fell in love with? It was so unfair to me on so many levels. She went into the relationship and had it easy…that’s probably why you lasted with her a little longer. Now you two are over…but where does it leave you now? You have no idea how much I just want to start talking again. To become familar with you…re-fall in love, but i’m scared. Scared that maybe the reason you went down hill was because of me. Scared that you still hate me. Scared that you’ve changed and have become completely different.

    I lost you and my best friend at the same time. You never asked me how I was….you obviously didn’t care. I went through so much after we broke up and you have no idea. I’m sure you just had the time of your life with your new girlfriend. We were friends before everything. Why couldn’t we stay that way…or atleast you could say “HI” to me once in awhile. Do you realize that we have talked only five times since we broke up? And the all those times were because I initiated the convo? Is it really that hard for you to try and make me feel good?

    This is like not even close to what I want to say to you…but I really don’t think I have it in me to write it all out. Please just know that you still hold a place in my heart. I would do anything for you to just randomly text me…a call would be even better. I’m tired of pretending I’ve forgotten about you…because the truth is, I think about you everyday.

    truly yours,

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