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    by  • March 27, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion, Wish • 0 Comments

    I don’t know why you’re supposed to do this, but I heard a long time ago that if you look at the clock and see 11:11, you’re supposed to make a wish. It looks like it’s wish time. But what to wish for…? I could wish for world peace, but that’s not likely to happen

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    identity sucks

    by  • March 27, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal, Friends • 0 Comments

    dear best friends, my name is unimportant. if i needed to identify myself, it would be with you three. throughout high school i’ve been identified, known, and even labeled because of my friendship with you. at the moment, i think you hate me. you know i’m paranoid, and you know i’m not currently happy, so

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    dear kitten

    by  • March 27, 2011 • Heartbreak, Lost Love, Sorry • 0 Comments

    You will never read this letter becasue I dont even think you know what this site is. If you do happen across this site you probably won’t know that I’m talking to you. You will just read this and consider it and scroll down as i do with all the letters. I do however stop

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    You’re killing me.

    by  • March 27, 2011 • Confusion, Frustration, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    YOU’RE A FUCK TARD. YOU DON’T GET HOW MUCH I LOVE SEEING YOUR NAME. Seeing you! It kills me that you ignore my messages, that are POURING my heart out to you. And Only you. No one else. You just don’t understand it’s killing me. I’m falling harder and harder for you, but it seems

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