• Yeah, you treat me so well.

    by  • March 21, 2011 • Cheating, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I can’t believe you’re out getting high.

    The one girl I told you I hated, the one girl who I always thought you liked, the one girl who tried to break us up. You helped her behind my back. You had the nerve to fuck me, while you were sneaking around with her.

    I would never do that to you.

    We’ve both made mistakes, I’m not denying that. But this is something not even I would do, and I’ve done some pretty shitty things to boys.

    I let one boy believe we’d get married. I let one leave the country, thinking I’d still be waiting when he came back. I let one go to college, sure that the distance wouldn’t make me want someone else. I let one buy me things, but I never let him kiss me. I let one sleep with me, but I never let him date me. I let one wait for me in his car in front of my house all night, while I stayed with a friend. I let one think he was better than you, when you and I were first on bad terms.

    But this, this is worse than all of that. You kept something so serious from me. You told me I was wrong for being so sensitive, and challenged me to find someone better. And this isn’t like you at all. And I can’t sleep, stuck on how this is the first time I’m not in control of a relationship. Even though I keep telling you we’re through, and this isn’t even a relationship anymore. And you’re god knows where with some “friends”.

    I can’t believe you’re out getting high.

    You go on and on about how no one will treat me better. How your “one mistake” means nothing. I’m so angry that I’m shaking. You tell me, Go back to So-and-so. I slap you so hard that your cheek is red in the perfect shape of my handprint when your roommate walks in a second later.

    You tell me, You should go. I do, coat clutched to my chest, tempted to spit on you. And you’re still going on about how you’re the best I can get.

    Yeah, you treat me so well.

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