• not mad…just full of pity

    by  • March 20, 2011 • Anger, Friends, Frustration, Goodbye, Karma, Moving On • 0 Comments

    You suck

    You are a terrible friend, and beyond that, a terrible person. I trusted you, I told you things i had never and still have never told anyone, and you immediately told your brother. Someone I barely even knew, knowing all of my most pathetic secrets. Then you leave, and don’t talk to me for a month, and come back expecting everything to be just fine. whatever, I brushed it off…you were starting a new life at your new college. Then you leave for another month, and the only reason we talk is because I start every conversation… whatever, you’re still starting your new life. But now I can’t brush it off anymore, you find out that I am leaving and we will never see each other again, and you still can’t muster up anything to send me a text. So I send one to you asking why you hadn’t talked to me, even knowing I had just made the biggest decision of my life, that will result in me losing my boyfriend and never seeing you again. This was your response “I don’t sit around thinking about home”

    Well no shit sherlock, you don’t sit around thinking of anything or anyone but yourself and your girlfriend who has the same ugly face that you do. And when I tell you that everyone here hates you because you haven’t said a word to them in 2 months, you don’t believe me and you get angry and call me names. And when you find out that I am RIGHT… this is my favorite part… you call your MOM crying. HAHAHAHA… seriously? what a pathetic loser, you are in college and you call your mom because someone said you are a bad friend. That same thing happened to me in THIRD GRADE.

    You don’t deserve ANYONE you have in your life, your best friend is the nicest guy I have ever met, your friend since 6th grade is the best friend I have ever had, and I was a good friend to you, regardless of what you think. You are a worthless slime-ball who forgets peoples birthdays while at their house to celebrate it, ruin their birthday party because of one little thing that made you mad, blatantly lie and say you care about a person as you are backing out of the door to get away from them, and constantly disappoint everyone that mistakenly calls you their friend.

    Right now it sucks, because we had some really fun times together. We got so close we could basically read each others minds. But that was all temporary, your true self finally came through. And even though just thinking about you makes me wish you were here so I could punch you in the face, i still do care about you, and i do hope that you can change your assbaggery ways before you are surrounded by people as disgusting and despicable and pathetic as yourself, but I strongly doubt it…but hey, KARMA IS ONLY A BITCH IF YOU ARE sucker…

    I wanted to send you this letter, but I felt like your mom could use a break from your water works. god you’re pathetic

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