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    Dear tough teddy bear

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    we were friends then i said some horrible things that were untrue, but you believed them. Now we can’t even look at each other in the eye or even be in the same room. I tried to say sorry but it was too late and you’re too proud and tough to want to deal with


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    i did enjoy our conversations and getting to know you, kind of. but i found you. i was way too curious so i facebook searched, and i found you, and i have to say… darn. i was hoping you’d be strikingly handsome and perfect, since you seemed to have a nice personality. but you’re far


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    Sometimes I just wish people wouldn’t take advantage of other people’s goodness and spirit. My friend is always soo open-minded and just a good-hearted person, and guys take advantage of that by lying to her and such. It just pisses me off, how people can do that. I would like to think that people are