• To the asshole that broke my heart.

    by  • March 12, 2011 • Grief, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I’m glad i stopped talking to you. Sometimes i want to hang out with you but then i realize what a creepy 17 year old satanist fuck you are. You used to be fun but now you’re just an annoying dick. I’m sorry i thought i ever loved you. I’m glad i never fucked you but i’m sorry i did other stuff. I am the best dick sucker you will ever get. You really treated me like crap, yo lied to me, now you occasionally whine to me about how bad your life is. I try to cheer you up but you really push my sympathy away. Well it’s all gone now. You’re a fucking faggot. I think i’m growing to hate you. I make fun of you with my boyfriend. You deserve it. Have fun going to see your online girlfriend this summer who lives in another country you freak. You really broke my heart all that time ago. I’ve known you all my life but i can live the rest of it without you. I can go on and on about you. I treated you the best, no one will ever be as nice to you as I was. Pretty much, fuck you and you’re pajama pants.

    sincerely, the best head giver you’ll ever experience

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