• You are so dumb.

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    You’re a smart girl. You’re funny and creative and fun to be around. You deserve to be loved.

    Then why aren’t you?

    You’re used for sex, then thrown away. You say that you don’t care, that you’re happy. Something tells me that this isn’t true.

    I think needs to be said – you bring all of this on yourself. You need to fucking grow up. You’re 22 now. You have little self control, you shop impulsively, and you’ve had your stuff stolen twice. You have sex with guys indiscriminately, and then you wonder why guys don’t want to date you?


    You do not seem to understand this! You give yourself to them but you never demand respect. You let them into your bed without demanding they see you as a person, not as an object. You give them what they want, with no regard to yourself. You have no respect for yourself.

    This is not art school anymore. (Besides, you already wasted so much money spending 11 semesters at school without ever graduating.) Men, good men, do not respond well to girls like you. They smell you a mile away, and they avoid you at all costs. Men ultimately want a woman who will be his wife one day. Your history of irresponsibility and lack of self control are completely off putting. There is a reason why men lust after porn stars but fall in love with real women.

    They want someone they can trust, someone they can confide in, someone that will provide them happiness and comfort and excitement. Having sex with them too early does not display these qualities they’re looking for. They move on and forget about you.

    I love you, sister. You’re my best friend.

    But seriously? You’re fucking stupid when it comes to men.

    If you want to be loved, pick yourself up first. Stop complaining. I’m tired of hearing it.

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