• to you, mcs.

    by  • March 5, 2011 • Confusion, Hatred, Love - Pure and Simple, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    i hate you. but i also love you.
    fuck this.
    fuck you.
    i wish i never saw you again.
    but the thought of never seeing you again makes me sick at the same time.
    i don’t want to ever talk to you again, but i miss talking to you everyday.
    the memories we shared make me unbearably sad, but i don’t know what id do without them seeing as their some of the best i’ve shared with another person.
    this is me now.
    a complicated mess. you did this to me.
    you and the love you had for me that you just lost suddenly.
    and i know it’s gonna be alright, because you are only the first love of my life and i know many more are to come.
    i’m young.
    but i cant seem to stop thinking about you.
    i wish i could, but i’m afraid id miss you more than i already do.
    you suck.
    i’m still in love with you.
    and i wish i could say “leave me alone” but the problem is that you already do.
    i hope you’re happy, but i also hope you’re miserable without me.
    but that’s only because that’s how i feel without you.
    you really are a horrible person, but you’re one i want in my life again.
    ugh this is absolutely crazy.
    you really fucking suck.
    but clearly i’m no better.
    well you’ll always have a place in my heart; whether i want you there is debatable.

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