• The only thing I wanted, was the very last thing I needed

    by  • March 5, 2011 • Frustration, Grief, Hatred, Heartbreak, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I hate you, you were a waste of my whole year
    I hate our 14 months together
    I hate the way you whispered I love you, when you didn’t mean it
    I hate your stupid music taste, that is always on repeat on my ipod
    I hate when you kissed me, you reeked of alcohol
    I hate the way you’re in that stupid, “popular crowd” at school
    I hate how my parents don’t trust me anymore because of you convincing me to sneak out at night
    I hate how you weren’t yourself, the whole year we were together
    I hate the way you smile, with your stupid dimples
    I hate the how you sound when I call you when you’re drunk
    I hate the way you held me, during lunch breaks at your house
    I hate the way you smell, smoke and alcohol
    I hate the girls you flirt with, you’re an idiot
    I hate your ex gf of 4 years, I never had those memories
    I hate the way you act in front of your friends
    I hate the way you never called me when you were out
    I hate that you left for college, I’m high school
    I hate how you were afraid to show me to everyone
    I hate that I was your little secret for a YEAR
    I hate that you were so different from everyone else
    I hate how you took my virginity..3 months after you left
    I hate your sweet talking, you’re a liar
    I hate I caught you talking to your ex gf about “Love”
    I hate how you try to call me now with a withheld #
    I hate your games
    I hate your lies
    I hate you more than anything in this world

    But I hate how I love you the most..
    you fucking asshole.

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