• I’m Over You

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    I can not believe I spent six months of my life on you. When I came to college, I was a shy, innocent person and you looked at me and I melted. No guy ever looked at me the way you did. I think maybe you saw that in me. You saw it and wanted to take advantage of me. I didn’t see it then, but I see it now. You sweet talked me, you made me feel like you really cared. You made me feel like no one has ever made me feel.

    I always felt special in your arms. Because I never thought someone like you would go for someone like me. But you did. And at first you texted me every morning telling me good morning, you would tell me I was beautiful all the time, you wanted me to stay over and spend the night even though I told you I was saving myself for marriage. You said that was ok and that you respected me for that.

    You always told me I had a sexy body and each time I came over we went a little further and further. I was falling madly in love with you. And when you were the first to say “I love you,” I knew you were the one.

    I never understood why you never wanted to make us official, or why you told people I was lying about us. I thought it was because you were ashamed of me or because I was not pretty enough for you.

    You would go days without talking to me and I always thought I did something wrong. I was always so confused. I never knew who I was anymore. I only wanted you happy. You filled up my whole life. Nothing else mattered to me.

    As time went on, you grew further away. I spent nights crying myself to sleep and days barely existing. You quit telling me I was beautiful. The only time you talked to me was when you was horny.

    You started talking to me more again, and I was so happy. I felt whole again. Over Christmas break we talked all day everyday. I was the happiest person ever. You asked about sex again. I said ok. And then you said well baby I don’t want you to regret it if we don’t work out. I told you I was saving myself for marriage because I wanted to save myself for the man I loved. And I love you. I will never and don’t regret anything I have ever done with you. I love you, and if we don’t work out, I will still love you forever. No man will ever take up the space you have taken up in my heart. Every man I have from here on out will be measured to you. You told me you couldn’t top that if you wanted to, but you love me and you don’t want to and won’t lose me. I believed you.

    So when we got back to campus after break we had sex. After that you quit talking to me. I didn’t know what I did wrong. I felt dead. And then your best friend asked me what was wrong with me all the time because I was sad I told her everything about us. She was pissed off course because you lied to her. And you were pissed at me. I wanted to die. I cried everyday. All night. I just wanted you back because I missed you so much. When I saw you walking on campus I would die on the inside kowing that I let you go and let you down.

    Then you texted me two weeks later and said you were sorry. You hated that you hurt me. And you wanted me back. I loved you so much, I was so happy and said of course. So I went back to your place and we had sex again. Then the whole thing happened again. You ignored me and only talked to me when you were horny. I heard talk that you were fucking three other girls at the same time and they all busted you. I didn’t believe it because you were perfect in my eyes and you could do no wrong.

    Then last thursday I woke up and saw that you were not right for me. I am 100% over you and if you try to come back to me when your little whores are away, I will tell you off. Probably tell you all that is in this letter. Who knows. All I do know is that, I may have been played by you, but you didn’t get the best of me. I hope you wake up one day and wish that you had me beside you to wake up to instead of her. Have a good life and I hope you get all the happiness you deserve…if that is any at all. Good riddance and have a nice life.

    <3 Me

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