• your mom.

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    you ignored her for years and never talked about her, didn’t even refer to her as your mom.

    until she died.

    i know it’s hard, but shut the fuck up, it’s one thing you have to worry about. you have money, sure you were adopted but into a good fucking home, and with your fucking aunt, not some random fucking foster home.

    can you also grow some fucking balls and admit to everyone that you’re a lesbian already, i dont give a shit how much you were teased for it when you were little, don’t fucking try denying to your girlfriend that you’re not a lesbian.

    i mean really?

    what the fuck is your problem.

    you might read this.

    i kind of hope you do, you need a fucking wake up call and realise you aren’t in that much of a shithole.

    actually, you aren’t even close.

    realise that people wish they could have a life half as good/comforting/relaxing as yours. not everybody gets exactly what they want when they want it.

    fuck you.

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