• To my Sister – Jeanie

    by  • February 25, 2011 • Family Stuff, Frustration, Grief, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I watch you live your life in confusion, misery and degredation. You have embarrassed our family in every way possible. The compulsive lying, the sexual deviancy, the tatoo’s, the piercings, the freakish behavior, the fake disability claims so you won’t have to work….and while I know what’s behind some of this, I can’t help you.

    I made a promise to Mom and Dad, years ago, that I would never tell. But I can’t help but think that some of this is due to your condition at birth.

    Haven’t you ever wondered why, as you aged, you became more and more masculine – why your jaw is so heavy and you have to shave twice a day? Why Mom was sent to a mental insitution after your birth? Why they dressed you in crinolines until you were a teenager? Why your testosterone levels are so high? Why you always have to act the slut with every man in the room? Why you had to send nude photos of yourself to hundreds of men on the internet? Why you have never felt at home in your body? Why you never fit in with anyone, anywhere? Why 4 out of 5 people, who see your pictures ask me if you are a transexual? Why you finally came out as bisexual?

    Years ago, the medical profession simply did not know what to do with your condition. You were born a hermaphrodite. I have to believe that some of your behavior is really due to the fact that you are a man living in a woman’s body. That the decision that was made for you at birth was not the right one.

    I wish I could tell you.

    I really believe it would help you to understand and learn how to cope and live with yourself. Instead I see you making everyone around you absolutely miserable with your freakish behavior, lack of responsibility and poor life choices.

    I wish I could tell you…..

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