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    dear tj h,

    2 years. it’s been two whole years of you playing me in your stupid love games. getting involved with you was the worst decision in my life. you completely and utterly broke my heart. you don’t think you’re a player, but for some reason you are mental and completely oblivious to SO many realities in life. on and off and on and off. yes and no mainly maybe. you like me but you’re also talking to her, and her…. and her. it just never ends with you. EVERYONE in school thinks you’re a player. except for about 3 people and they are all girls wrapped up in your stupid games just as much as i was. but i have finally come to earth and been freed. i thought that maybe you would change. all those times you told me you were sorry, or that you had changed, what complete BS. i will never be able to trust you again, EVER. and i hope you get that, but if you don’t i could really care less. your ego is bigger than what’s in your pants, but you probably think it’s the other way around. all of those things you ever said probably weren’t even true. please do yourself the favor and do not ever talk to me again. your friends are awesome, but you not so much. have fun in life being a doosh, you will wind up just like your dad. why did i ever put up with any of the shit you put me through? only God knows why… i can’t believe i have to see you practically everyday of my life for the next year and a half. i can only PRAY that we do not end up at the same college. where ever you go to play football just know that there will be one person in the world who is NOT going to be cheering you on, and yes TJ, that is me. so i write this letter so i can finally let you know that it’s over between you and me for the rest of my life. i honestly thought i loved you, but boy oh boy was i wrong. now i’m just like…. FORGET YOU

    wait no

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