• Dear Pervert,

    by  • February 25, 2011 • Abuse, Anger, Betrayal, Family Stuff, Hatred, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    I hate you. You have completely fucked up my mom and I’s relationship. When would you touch a 16 year old! I realize I might have been a part of it but why would you act on it. I WAS 16 for god sakes.

    And after 4 almost 5 years you call me out of no where and ask me to do something as disgusting as that? But “don’t text me, make sure you call. No evidence then.” You are a horrible man.

    Your addiction to porn is even worse. My mom deserves so much better than you. I’d choose my dad over you any day and he isn’t the greatest pick either.

    I thought you were different. Obviously not. So here is my big thank you! Thank you, for getting me kicked out of my house because no one believed me. Thank you, for making feel scared to even spend the night at my mom’s because I’m afraid you might touch me.

    And thank you, SO MUCH for ruining sexual experiences.

    Someone that will never get her childhood back.

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