• Are you dizzy?

    by  • February 23, 2011 • Disappointment, Grief, Letting Go, Lost Love, Moving On • 0 Comments

    you waited too long.

    you waited too long to come back to me. you waited until you were ready. until you had gone through every single girl that was possibly prettier or better than me. and what did you find? you found nothing. and that’s when you came running back. when all the girls that were “better than me” for so long turned out to mean nothing at all to you.

    you have a face and a body of a godess, therefore, you think that the world is supposed to revolve around you. are you dizzy yet? with you as the world’s focus? i hope so. i hope you are absolutely crushed. because i was your girlfriend since the 7th grade, that’s seven years, but was only off and on good enough for you.

    i hope that when you see me with him to kick yourself. because you and i both know you will not find another girl better than me. you should know that he is better than you, in every single way. he made me feel more for him in a week than i did for you in 7 years. yes, you were my life, my love and my everything. but thank you for cheating on me, lying to me, kicking me when i was down, walking all over me, making me the prettiest girl in school feel like she wasn’t good enough, for making me have an eating disorder that i still battle with. thank you for leaving me. it was the best thing you could have ever done for me.

    you waited to long to love me again. and i am not sorry.

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