• Sort yourself out

    by  • February 22, 2011 • Friends, Frustration, Knock it Off, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments


    Last night we spoke, properly, for the first time in well…years? It was great, you’re still one of my best friends man. But seriously, our conversation left me feeling so frustrated.

    I get it. You’re single and you wish you weren’t. I get that you’re a virgin and you wish you weren’t and I get that above all you just wanna meet someone. Well I say that, you don’t wanna MEET anyone. You just want them to come into your life and whisk you away coz you simply don’t do anything to meet new people…or any people.

    It’s sad and I really do get it.

    But for fuck’s sake just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can act like this. For five fucking years I have not mentioned him to you. Five years I have not told you anything about him because you don’t wanna hear it. But K, we are getting married. He proposed to me. We’re getting married and all you can say is lol? You don’t care about us, you don’t wanna know him. You’re making me choose between him or you.

    You are my oldest friend. I forgive you for the things you’ve done to me but you are going to have to accept that I am going to be someone’s wife. Just because you haven’t met your Mr Right yet doesn’t mean I’m going to kick mine into touch and wait with you. If you got married tomorrow I’d be happy even if I didn’t have him.

    All I wanted to do was tell you how wonderful he is. How he makes me feel. You know how hard I’ve had it, you KNOW how difficult it’s been. You should be happy that I have someone who loves me. And he does love me. I should be able to at least mention his name without you dissapearing offline.

    Sort it out mate coz I gotta tell you I am marrying him. I don’t have your and it doesn’t fucking matter coz he is everything to me and you are pushing me away.

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