• Letter to RogueFlame

    by  • February 22, 2011 • Friends, Frustration, Knock it Off, To You • 0 Comments

    In your post you described a friend that you had just dropped as follows:

    “She is a compulsive liar, has tons of emotional and self-esteem issues. She cares more about what people think of her above all else and doesn’t seem to get it through her head that what she does makes people hate her even more…she has lost many friends, and the ones that are left, well, some of them are very questionable, and are only after her for a lay since they have no respect for her. I guess she figures if she can only get sex it’s some sort of attention, but she has basically become a whore for attention in all forms, it’s very sad really.”

    And it suddenly became clear why you had dropped yet another “friend”. Clearly, you saw that she was just a mirror image of yourself. Everything in your post described you perfectly. Of course you would have to distance yourself from her. Because it would have to be painful having someone who conducts themselves exactly as you do, in your circle.

    Usually you have to drop your friends when they realize that all of the above about yourself is true. Then you create a new “name” for yourself and rewrite history again, and again, and again. Phoenixgirl, Wyldesage, Jynee… the list goes on and on.

    You will never take responsibility for your own actions and poor decisions in your life. And as a result, I have no doubt that you will end up sad and lonely living on the streets. You can’t fake disability forever……

    Think about it – no one offers to help you anymore – because you’ve cried wolf too many times and you’ve never paid anyone back. Using the child support money to pay for lap dances and then begging your friends to buy your “daughter” clothes for school. People remember that kind of behavior.

    You are clearly a very sick and twisted individual.

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