• Moved Along Just Fine…

    by  • February 20, 2011 • Betrayal, Cheating, Friends, Karma • 0 Comments

    Dear B-

    How could you? I will never understand, when you came to our school half of the student body hated you, because you had different opinions (RIGHT WING, LEFT WING). I remember I looked at you and told you I admired your persistence, how the fact that everyone stood against you, you were strong about your opinions and didn’t care. From there our friendship grew. And then our last year of H.S you decide it’s okay to pursue my boyfriend. MY BOYFRIEND of TWO years, that’s the one you went after. And like all men, he fell. You might not have had sex with him but the cheating happened. And then you have the audacity to tell me anonymously on a webpage, and pretend like all is peachy when we would speak. And when I found out, you didn’t even fucking apologize. I made fun of the fact you were molested by your brother and that was low of me, but you have to understand the emotions I was going through. I felt betrayed- I wanted you to regret what you did. But most of all I wanted an apology and when you said “I don’t care about it, I am not going to apologize because I don’t see what I did wrong” you died to me, bitch. It’s been exactly a year since all of this happened and I am in the most healthy relationship of my life, because of you my relationship took a hit and stood back up stronger than ever. I look back at that moment I looked at you and asked why and I don’t feel anything. I am happy and I really do hope that you’re happy too.

    I hope that your fucked up life turned around some. You know, the reason I liked being your friend is because you had so many shits taken on your life that i admired your determination. I knew that after your parents divorce, your brother molesting you, your dad hiring the prostitutes something inside you would break, that’s when you changed. Started drinking, partying and being an All American Whore, I just never thought you would take it out on me. I did nothing to deserve this. NOTHING. You taught me a very valuable lesson about friends and about myself. How much I can withstand without ruining myself. Your insults about my weight and your constant negativity months after, hurt me. But now looking back on that part of my life, I feel neutral.

    Thanks to all of those events I have never felt more alive, I feel beautiful, in love and happy. I am a big believer that God doesn’t shut one door without opening another one. That is the case here, when I shut the door on you a whole array of opportunities to grow were brought to light and you, well you lost disrespected yourself and your family, I hope you know that you’re gonna end up like your mom if you don’t change.


    P.S you said you don’t believe in Karma when I confronted you, well let me tell you, she exists and she’s a bitch. Be careful.

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