• i am happy.

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    dear boys of my past,

    every single one of you wished that i would have treated you better, been more loving and made you feel more special. however none of you did this in return and so why should i have? it was obvious that things just didn’t work out and that is normal and happens every day all over the world. but you all thought it was some weird thing that i would just start to ignore you and shut you out and yeah i did, but only because why hurt or try to abuse you just because it isn’t working and you all wanted to force it to or to be friends after, a couple of you are my close friends but we both know its awkward.

    on another note, you all helped me grow so much and realize what i did want in a mate and what does make me happy. i mean it’s not as if i meant to be hurtful, rude, immature or ignore any of you it was just how i dealt with it at the time which i do regret. not us breaking up but just in general for being a young girl with picky standards. but i know we all have grown and have helped the other in that event.

    but i decided to write this because i have found someone that i know is my one, ya know “the one” and feel that some of you may be thinking the same will happen to him, but it won’t. some of you may also think that i am just doing this as a rebound or as a fling or to get what i want out of a person because your image of me seems to be that i am a mean girl. when i just think of myself as practical and i take initiative. or who knows maybe you are thinking she came back to me once and she will again…but i won’t sorry.

    i am happy, content, loved, more loving and motherly than i have ever been. i know that this will be my last and best relationship and couldn’t be happier. he knows all about me and understands me and i love every little quirk about him…just kidding that is impossible but it is damn close. it happened very quick but i am very sure of this and just wanted a little piece…even though i doubt any of you even know about this site. could help any guy feeling this way really…

    the girl

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