• so what did i do?

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    dear youknowwho,

    this first semester of college was a mess because of you. and only you. you have caused problems for ever girl in our group of friends because for some reason you cant let anyone be happy and you need to be an asshole to everyone, especially me.

    Remember the baseball game? when you told our other friend that you thought i was beautiful and that you really liked me? that was before everything got weird, before you were a jerk. you used to be so nice. remember when we hung out everyday? and i told you everything about my life. and you respected me? do you remember after the game when you told me to come back to your dorm with you. and we all drank even more and you told me to just lay with you that night. and you kissed my forehead and just cuddled me, you didn’t even try to kiss me. Soon after, you said i was clingy and i didn’t leave you alone, when actually i thought we were friends and friends hang out with each other. you told everyone that i was pissed you didn’t pay attention to me anymore, but that wasn’t it at all. i just wanted our friendship and you got weird after i slept in your bed and we didn’t do anything.

    Then a few months had past and you told the guys that i was shunned and you didn’t want me around. and when my best friend did bring me around you got so pissed off and shunned her too. A couple weeks after that we drank again together and you were being so flirty with me. but i ignored you, since i knew you would flip over to shunning me again any minute. You were determined to kiss me that night. You sat next to me on the bed and i put my head on your shoulder cause i was tired and you kissed me. and then soon after you told me how you are only an asshole to me because you like me so much and you don’t want the guys to judge you. bull s****. you just wanted ass and thought you could get it from me, but you didn’t. i wouldn’t let you. I’m not an easy girl. you should have known. Yet, you tried again. only this time it was the 2nd semester of freshman year. you said i took advantage of you. but the thing is you kissed me, again!. you were all over me at the dance when i was just trying to dance like a goof. everyone saw. you kissed me. You are the lowest person on this planet. do you want to know why? you told everyone how ugly you thought i was and you bring out the worst in everyone. you just talk about all of your friends, including pickles, whom you also got with and said she was a dumb whore. that’s the thing, shes not a whore at all. you took advantage of her when she was drunk and you said it was all her again. you are a liar.

    Now i cant even be myself around our friends because i know you are always judging, thinking you are better than everyone out there. but you are not, you are scum. No good person laughs at a car accident. how is a car accident funny? i hope one day you realize that i was one of the nicest people you had in your life and now you lost me. i have no respect for people like you. and i feel sorry for you. i hope you can grow up one day and be a little bit mature.

    ps.i know you would find this hilarious, that nothing hurts you. I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m just stating how i feel.

    have a good life.
    from “unattractive”

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