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    Since the first day you hired me 6 months ago, I have been infatuated with you. You’re a little older than me, and probably way too attractive for someone like me, but we both know we have an intense connection. There have been days when you’ve walked by me or bumped my elbow or playfully wrestled with me and my knees get weak and butterflies churn in my stomach. The scent of your cologne is literally the best thing I have ever smelled. After only weeks of knowing each other we became very close friends. You trusted me with all of your problems and deepest worries and I trusted you with mine.

    Then….that fateful night happened. It was December, I was at a party at your house, you were tipsy, I was sober, and you wouldn’t stop staring at me. Somehow we ended up in the same bed doing everything except sex. Then we had the best conversation of my life for 3 hours, just lying next to each other. But I felt sick to my stomach because I knew this was wrong, I’m a girl, you’re a man, but you’re also my manager, so I told you it was a mistake, and you agreed.

    Just 2 FUCKING days later, you were at our work party kissing a tiny, cute blond girl in front of my face and that was one of the worst nights of my life. Since then, we haven’t stopped hanging out and talking and you still use me for all of your emotional therapy, but you use her for your sexual needs I guess, because you told me there was no connection. And all you ever talk about is the girl that broke your heart 7 months ago after you were together for 2 years.

    Last week, I told you how I felt. We talked for almost 5 hours. You said you felt the same way. We were basically confessing how we loved each other- so wasn’t that the part where we kissed and lived happily ever after? Apparently not…because then you proceeded to tell me that I’m too much of a “risk” for you and i’m too good for you and that you wish you were strong enough to be with me but you were an asshole and you “NEED” my friendship and you wanted life to be easy. I’ve never been so upset in my entire life… Why couldn’t you have just lied to me and said there was nothing there? Or that you’re not attracted to me? No, you are a COWARD and and ASSHOLE and you’re missing out on the best thing that could’ve ever happened to you. Don’t even try to come back to me in a few months when you finally realize what you’re missing. I love you more than anyone else, but I need to let you go.

    Love, your employee,

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