• Why can’t you see this?

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    To my supposed to be best friend,

    I met you last year, fell in love with you, and lived with you this past summer. Everything was going fine until some internet boyfriend that treated you like shit told you he was done with you because of me. You knew I loved you and took care of you more than he did. You held that against me and dated someone else that threatened your relationship with him unless you got rid of me and filed a report against me. I didn’t talk to you for over a month and you came back when he was gone. Yet he broke up with you because of me. Yet after all of this you still said I was the only one who genuinely loved you and was your closest and best friend. You constantly have to have my friendship, and always have to talk to me, because in your own words I am “the glue that holds you together”.

    I have bent over backwards for you, been there any time you needed me, even missed tests and was late to mid terms and finals because you were upset. I did everything I could to make you happy. Yet today, you call me names, tell me to leave you alone, don’t care about anything going on in my life and only talk about yours. You constantly bring up arguments and blame me for them and say that you never did nothing wrong. You tell me that you’ve never led me to believe we would have something, but have kissed me many times, held me tightly, told me you loved me and even asked me to spend my life with you. You became upset when there was a chance we weren’t going to see each other anymore so I vowed my everlasting love to you because you were the only person I ever felt deep unconditional love for and this is after all the bullshit between us started.

    You tell me I’m not good, but if you look at all I have ever done for you, you would see that you are the shitty one here and yet I still love you and bend over backwards for you each day. I even apologize when I know that you were in the wrong and I wasn’t.

    You also defend people that are new in your life over me. Listen to people who just lie to you when I tell you the truth. You’ve even hidden me when I came to spend the night by your request because you didn’t want anyone to start rumors about you.

    Look at everything you’ve done to me, yet I still would be the one at you side when you are feeling down and out, even when I said you would feel that way.

    If you don’t figure out this soon, my vows to you are void because I cannot take it much longer. I don’t understand why you cannot see that I have done so much for you when you have done so little for me and that I truly do love you, unlike those other idiots you persued that wanted nothing but sex from you when I just wanted your heart.

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