• How am I supposed to go on?

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    I love you. Said it, done, out of the way and we can move on. We’ve spent almost a year together, on and off, a trifle amount of time. You’ve broken me, shattered me into thousands of pieces, and I patched myself up again within a month, good as new….almost. I felt dull and empty without you, you were my best friend, my lover, my first love.

    Then, a month later school brings us together again, we see each other and both know what will happen. You spend the night lying next to me in my bed, not touching and we talk, disclosing any and all feelings. I trust you like no other, and you trust me too. I know you love me somewhat, even if you won’t tell me so. I know we have no future, and that pains the both of us. You can’t marry me, and I don’t want marriage. So why, then, do we do this? Because of the connection we share, the people too alike to leave each other.

    I’m thinking of going away, I’ve told you that I am. I might never see you again. But if you asked me, I would stay. The logical, tomboy, the one who looks down upon decisions based on pure emotion. I would stay for you. I don’t want you to ask, I don’t want to choose. But if you did ask, if you honestly asked, I would say yes. I don’t want to lose what we have, for if I have a soul mate it surely is you.

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