• Moving on

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    We broke up a month ago and yet we keep video chatting and text messaging each other, and it’s not doing either of any favours…I love you but I wish you could understand that all of this communication after our break up isn’t helping me move on from you and so I decided to start seeing other people.

    When I told you that I had a date you freaked out and didn’t want me to do it, and you wanted to hold me but I’m glad I said no and didn’t allow myself to continue this hurtful path that we have been travelling down. I understand if you can continue to have physical comfort without any of the emotional commitment but I can’t do it anymore and it’s ripping me apart.

    I just wanted to say that I’m sorry and dating other people doesn’t mean that I love you any less, it just means that I just want to be happy again, and I can’t be happy if you and I continue doing what we were doing after the break up. No more hook ups and no more telling each other that we miss the other one. I’m ending this once and for all, so as to spare us the hurt later on.

    I love you Chris, I just wish you understood what I’m trying to do here…

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