• I’m this close to saying this to your face, but that would mean the end of our friendship.

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    The other day, our friend called you a loud, overpowering, controlling, obnoxious bitch. You’re still not talking to him and put him down every chance you get. But everyone knows that was a perfect description of you. It may have been a little mean of him to call you all those things, but he really shouldn’t have to move from his seat just because you want him to. Who the fuck are you? I’m glad he stood his ground, but even then you literally sat in between him and the person sitting next to him, and literally forced him out of his seat.

    You would do absolutely anything to get your way. Sometimes, I admire that. But most of the time it makes you look like an overpowering controlling bitch. If something’s not going your way, you force it. You force it so hard, I don’t even know how it could possibly bring you pleasure when you get it. This would make a whole lot more sense with an example.

    So for example, your boyfriend. How many times has he broken up with you already? Yet every time he dumps you, you hound him and call him and appear at his house to assure that you’ll get back together. He really wanted to watch that movie with me, but you hounded him until he gave in to you, leaving me to watch the movie by myself, and making his 9 bucks go to shit because there were no refunds.

    I don’t understand how that makes you happy. If I get what I want from someone, I want them to want to give me what I want. I would want my boyfriend to want to choose me over a movie, but if he doesn’t, I wouldn’t force him to. How do you receive any satisfaction from this? You just make people do things they don’t want to do for your own benefit. And if anyone were to ever not obey you, you get mad at them or completely shit on them forever. Which is the only reason he went with you. I hope you know you look really pathetic.

    I’m writing this here, because if you were to ever know that I felt this way, you would get so angry. Not that I’m afraid of you, you know very well I’m the only one who never lets you force me to do anything. But it would be unnecessary. If I felt like this would make you change your ways, I would let you know. But it would only enhance them. Your world is so small, every little thing is a catastrophe and that’s how you would view this. I really don’t know how you’re getting anywhere like this.

    Let me end this by saying that I do love you as a friend, and you could be very sweet and generous when you want to, but I wish i saw this side of you more often. You’re just too busy trying to be a bitch and eating everyone with your mouth though.

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